Our Staff

Jessica Abbott - Office Administrator
 Started August 2014

Jessica Abbott - Office Administrator
Started August 2014

Legal Executive
Mother to two children

"I have extensive knowledge in the office area and I am really enjoying working with the teachers and watching all the children learning and playing"

Anna Rutten

Anna Rutten - Owner/Manager
Founded Kidiwise February 2010

Mother to three step children and one child

"I believe Kidiwise provides a top notch environment for your child to develop fully educationally, socially and physically with age appropriate sensitivity."

Bridget Morrell - Preschool

Bridget Morrell - Centre Co-ordinator
Started April 2013

First Aid Certificate
Mother to three children

"I believe children should all be given the chance to grow and learn in a safe and warm environment. Children's capabilities are endless if given the time and resources. Growing through play is an important part of their childhood."

Courtney Irvine

Courtney Irvine - Learning Co-ordinator -
Wise Owls (4-5 years) - Started October 2010

Bach. Teaching (ECE), First Aid Certificate
Mother to one child

"I love the great outdoors. My vision is to support children in developing their strengths and dispositions and to scaffold them through their journey to becoming competent, confident, lifelong learners. I strongly believe in children’s rights and that they should be heard and recognised for their individual strengths."

Janet Abery - Wise Owls

Janet Abery - Wise Owls (4-5 years)
Started April 2015

BA (Honours) Qualified Teacher Status (Primary) NVQ level 3 in Children's Care, Learning & Development, Food & Hygiene Certificate, First Aid Certificate
Mother to two children

"My philosophy is to enable children to explore, investigate, play and enjoy life's experiences by providing them with stimulating, varied and enjoyable activities within a safe and caring environment."

Desiree Willan - Moreporks

Desiree Willan - Wise Owls (4-5 years)
Started November 2014

Mother to two children

"I believe children need values and love. We mould their lives and do this by putting lots of positive words into them so they grow up to be confident and happy people making the best decisions they can make in life".

Kim Audas - Toddlers

Kim Audas - Owls (3-4 years)
Started December 2014
Bach. Teaching (ECE) , First Aid Certificate
Mother to two children

“I strive to provide an environment that nurtures the natural way children learn; through play and hands on experiences.  I have a passion for exploration in the natural world and view taking risks as a vital part of learning in children's lives"

Christine Oversluizen

Christine Oversluizen - Owls (3-4 years)
Started March 2017

Bach. of Teaching ECE, Mauri Ora Certificate, Incredible Years Programme, NCEA Level 3 - Caring for Children and Young People, Diploma in Child Psychology and Early Education, First Aid Certificate

"Hi, my name is Christine, I was born in London, England and emigrated to New Zealand in 2006. I believe every child is unique and that they learn in a fun environment. It gives them a sense of belonging and builds their self - esteem and confidence.."

Christine Oversluizen

Julie Leaver - Owls (3-4 years)  Started February 2017
Completed Course 1 of the Playcentre Diploma in Early Childhood and Adult Education

Mum to two children

"I enjoy connecting with children through song, movement and through discovery and adventure in our unique, natural environment. Encouraging manners, caring for others, ourselves and our environment is important to me. Kidiwise's natural philosophy aligns with my personal beliefs "

Claire Anderson

Claire Anderson - Moreporks (2-3 years)
Started March 2015

Bach. Of Education Teaching, First Aid Certificate - ECE
Mother to two children

"What drives me to teach is being able to ignite passion to learn in the children by giving things real life application with hands on experiences. I want to help and enable them to explore the huge possibilities the world has to offer".

Lorna Harding - Moreporks (2-3 years)
Lorna Harding - Moreporks (2-3 years)
Started March 2017
Post graduate diploma in ECE, Bachelor of Arts
First Aid Certificate

“Kiaora my name is Lorna and I recently moved to Tauranga from Matamata. I strive to help children reach their full potential in a safe and secure environment. I have an enthusiasm for helping children foster creativity and curiosity in a range of activities across the curriculum and strive to build strong relationships between myself, family/whanau and the wider community"

Natasha Dudson - Floater

Natasha Dudson - Moreporks (2-3 years)
Started March 2016

Bach.Teachng (primary)
Cert. ECE

"My goal is to make sure children come to Kidiwise with a smile on their dial, eager to learn by wanting to join in on all the experiences we have to offer. "

Shelly Mitchell

Shelly Mitchell - Nestlings (3months +)
Started August 2013

Grad. Dip. Teaching (ECE), Bach. Broadcasting Communication (Film & TV Production), First Aid Certificate

"I strive to provide an environment that nurtures the natural way children learn; through play and hands on experiences. The best part of my job is seeing the delight and pride on a child's face when they overcome a personal challenge".

Anita Torrance - Started May 2015

Anita Torrance - Nestlings (3months +)
Started May 2015

Bach. of Education Teaching ECE, First Aid Certificate
Mother to two children

"I strive to provide opportunities for children to explore their surroundings in a safe and welcoming environment, still allowing risk taking to occur.

"I believe children thrive in an environment that allows possibilities of getting involved and exploring nature."

Annie Evans

Annie Evans - Nestlings (3 months +)  Started Dec 2015
Bach. Teaching (ECE), First Aid Certificate
Mother to two children

"I am originally from the Solomon Islands and moved here 21 years ago with my husband. I come from a very close knit family background that values children and where family and communities and very important. I believe loving the child is the first step when teaching.."

Natallia Edwards

Natallia Edwards - Float (All areas)
Started February 2014

Mother to two children

"My vision for the children is to help them on their way to growing into independent, creative, confident learners and to give them a secure, nurturing environment to achieve this. I love each and every little one we have in the Nestlings."

Grietje (Gretchen) Ruiter

Grietje (Gretchen) Ruiter - Float (all areas)
(2-3 years) - Started July 2015

Mother to three

"Originally from Holland, with experience in childcare as an educator in Europe. I enjoy working with children and watch them learn about themselves and their environment. Kidiwise reflects a lot of my values and beliefs; natural learning environment, free play and exploration of different cultures."

Hannah Willis - Float (all areas)

Hannah Willis - Float (all areas)
Started January 2016

Teacher in Training

"I am currently a teacher in training studying through the New Zealand Tertiary College and am in my second year. I have two years full time experience. Having just moved from Waihi Beach, I look forward to getting to know you all!".

Bernadine Brymer - Cook

Bernadine Brymer - Cook
Mother to four children

"I have a passion for clean eating and believe it is very important to encourage healthy eating habits from an early age. I like the way Kidiwise has six bread makers and promotes low sugar, low salt, and minimal preservatives. "

Kirsten Clark-Tipuna, Cook/Van driver
Kirsten Clark-Tipuna, Cook/Van driver
Started January 2016
Cert in food and hygiene, Cert in Te Reo maori level 1,2,3,4
Mother of three tamariki

“Kiaora, I've been in the education/food and nutrition sector for over 15 years and have experience in teaching Te Reo from ECE/Kohanga through to college age. I encourage healthy eating and like to teach tamariki about what is good to put in their body. I am also passionate about educating and nurturing our future leaders and love watching them grow. I also relief teach here at the centre and run the swimming programme in the summer months"