What's going on at Kidiwise

At Kidiwise we have four separate areas (indoor and out), The Nestlings, The Moreporks, The Owls and The Wise Owls!

Our outdoor play area is probably the largest in the Bay. We even have a miniature pony, Sushi which we ride regularly!

In The Nestlings (3 months - 2 years)

The Nestlings room has two registered teachers and one experienced unregistered teacher.
The Nestlings have been making the most of the sunny weather as we move into Summer. We like to get out of the centre and go for walks around the neighbourhood, sometimes going for milkshakes or fluffies! 
Our weekly farm visits are still very popular - our infants and young toddlers will be very sad when muddy puddles dry up!
From June 2015 Kidiwise converted to cloth nappies. Parents have the option of bringing their child to Kidiwise in a disposable nappy and providing one to go home, or, if they choose to use cloth nappies at home, we are offering a nappy bag with four cloth nappies having a value of $105 for only $30. 


In The Moreporks (2 - 3 years)

In The Moreporks classrom we have one degree qualified registered teacher, one registered teacher and one experienced unregistered teacher.
The team in Moreporks are dedicated to providing our young 2+ year old children opportunities to explore what Tauranga has to offer. Recently The Moreporks updated their outside play area more jumping/climbing boxes. This will provide the children with many hours of enjoyment. Another favourite is our beautiful red lady bug climbing frame. 
The Moreporks have a weekly programme with lots of visits into the local community. Monday is our farm visit, every second Wednesday is a community visit (from a local cafe/playground to a vet clinic) and Friday is our bush walk day. Parents, grandparents and Whanau are welcome to join us on any of our adventures. We promote caring for our pets with the children taking a big interest in Sushi our miniature pony and also helping care for our resident guinea pigs. Other regular activities include baking, music, art and lots of tactile and sensory learning.

In The Owls (3 - 4 years) 

The Owls area has two qualified registered teachers and one unregistered experienced teacher. Our programme includes a music/dance orientated day on Monday, science on a Tuesday (utilising the science room), bush walks on a Wednesday and trips to the farm or out into the community (using the Kidiwise van) on a Thursday. NB: Trips work on a rotationally basis and your child will be assigned to a group). We love exploring our local area both walking and using the bus.

All experiences offered in our classroom are planned based on emergent curriculum (what our children are interested in) making them fun and more meaningful. We also have a dedicated art area, allowing for creative and sensory exploration. We are lucky to have a large sandpit so we are often found exploring outside. We have large rooms with a lovely fireplace for winter and large established bush that surrounds our area, keeping us cool in the summer. Our room also has a terraced area for BBQ's lunches and a large area for bike riding and ball play. 

In The Wise Owls (4 - 5 years)

The Wise Owls have two degree qualified registered teachers and one unregistered experienced teacher. 
The Wise Owls are now well and truly up and running. We have a very full and varied programme that includes visits into the community as well as visitors into the centre from our community. We love to visit the bush and the farm as well as exciting visits to locations around Tauranga learning about people, places and the environment.
To help prepare them for school, we explore science, maths and literacy. Having emergent interests as well as a range of creative and stimulating, fun and varied activities encouraging independence and develops new skills.
As this is the final room before school, it has been designed and set up to make the transition smoother for our children.

But wait, there's more..

Farm Visits

Each class take regular trips to the Kidiwsie farm (offsite). We have horses, piggies, chickens and lots of mud! The children love to explore the paddocks, barn and feed the animals.


Swimming lessons will start again in early 2016. The cost is a great rate of $75 for 10 lessons. The pool is heated and there is a thermal hot tub for the children to soak in after the lesson.

Bush Adventures

Our bush continues to be a regular adventure - even the most apprehensive children are quickly climbing and sliding - just as well we have protective nylon pants and gumboots!!

Outdoor Spaces

Now with four separate outdoor learning spaces, children are free to explore with age appropriate socialisation and environments. Surrounded in trees, Kidiwise really is something special.